So, Your Living Next To An Airbnb Property?!

So, Your Living Next To An Airbnb Property?! 

Oh no…you are starting to notice “strange” people coming and going from time-to-time at the house next door. Wondering what is going on, you ask around only to find that your neighbor is offering their property as a short term rental on Airbnb. While at first the idea of strangers next door can seem unsettling, viewed in the right light, it can actually be a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and share experiences.

 The first thing I recommend you can do when you realize that you have an Airbnb rental home on your block is to go over and casually talk with the owner of the property. If you don’t already know them, then introduce yourself first and let them know that you’d like to learn about the short term process and you heard they were doing it. Let them know you were wondering if they would mind sharing the process to help you be a better neighbor…

If you don’t already know your neighbor, this is a great opportunity to expand your neighborly duties and find out who they are. You can always ask around the neighborhood or go find out who owns the property by going online into the city’s records. Its best not to assume why your neighbor is short term renting. Maybe they lost a job and need fast money, perhaps they lost a loved or are taking a vacation, or even got a great opportunity elsewhere temporarily. Maybe they had a horrible experience with a long term renter and are just trying Airbnb out?  Again, its best to ask if you can learn a little bit more about them and the short term rental process. This shows your compassionate and good intent. 

To help you better understand the situation you can also ask them how often they expect to have the home rented? Ask is if your neighbor is requiring longer stays or shorter stays -under a week or only a couple days – and how knowing this will better allow to know how much traffic you may expect and you can let your neighbor know you may be able to keep an extra eye out..

The next thing you can ask is how your neighbor is if they are screening their guests and what their plans are for preventing unexpected damages may be. They may already have a plan in place and if they don’t this may give them a good opportunity to get one.  You could also ask them if the platform they’re using has insurance protection – Air B.N. B. for example does. 

You might want to ask your neighbors what household guidelines they put into place for their guests. Many platforms offer an area to list  household rules and require a guest agree to them before booking. the guidelines your neighbor puts into place ahead of time for his or her guests like, noise, trash or parking guidelines allow the guests to help maintain the status quo in your hood, and honor any HOA’s or neighborhood covenants. 

Lastly, why not take this opportunity to meet some new people. if  meeting new people is not your thing I can totally understand you might not want to just go up to them and introduce yourself. However that doesn’t mean you’ll want to throw energetic daggers every time you see a stranger. In the likelihood you don’t like these new people, I recommend just practicing the art of sitting still and smiling. Throw out an open heart instead and you may just be surprised at what comes back around. However, if you are more of a social being, then why not take this as a great opportunity to be proactive and expand your neighborly duties. As a challenge, go out and introduce yourself to one of the guests.  What a great opportunity this is to share cultures and lifestyles in a relaxed environment. 

Most guests coming in are seeking out environments where they can blend it like a local, and let down there guard in with friends and families, just like you! So why not help them? Keep in mind while you’re concerned about responsible people respecting your area, your neighbor is also concerned about this too. You are both invested in finding good responsible renters. You’re on the same side!

Short Term rentals are a part of the sharing economy which means that consumers, like you may interact directly with the client. Lyft, Uber, Airbnb, Homeaway, and other services are creating opportunities and services for individuals like you and your neighbor that were once reserved only for corporations!  How amazing is that! 

These are just a few topics I recommend you talk about with your neighbor to help soothe your mind, instead of aggravate it. Hopefully, by doing a little leg work and asking a few questions, being a little proactive and getting involved you can feel more like an inclusive human being vs. an exclusive one. And who knows, the short term rental next door might just be an enriching experience for everyone!


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