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Are 2 Single Beds or Queen Bed Better for Your Airbnb Rooms? 

In the Airbnb business, the ratings and reviews you get will build your reputation. That’s why it’s essential to offer a well-deserved comfort to your guests, even if that means making a few long-term investments.

One of the details I care about most when it comes to my Airbnb business is the sound sleep of the travelers I host. A bad night’s sleep will go straight in the reviews, for sure! So I firmly believe that providing the best possible beds for the exhausted visitors is critical. Even if the room you give for rental is small, you can still make it look cozy and fit a comfortable bed in it.

I often hear people in this business wondering what type of bed would be best to offer: single beds (two per room) or one, more massive sized bed – usually, a Queen size, the most popular type of mattress on the market. In the end, it all comes down to which features the most exceptional advantages and will get you the best reviews.

Let’s analyze the two options quickly:

Single (twin) beds are only designed for one person. Their average dimensions are 75 inches long by 39 inches wide. As they are narrow, they can conveniently fit even into the smallest bedrooms. Single beds are usually the most favored choices for children and guests. The downside may be their “college dorm” look. They may offer less comfort to the tired sleeper because of their slimness, which leaves little room for turning or sprawling during sleep.

Queen size mattresses feature larger measurements: 80 inches long by 60 inches wide. Two adults (even with a small child) will sleep smoothly on them; besides, they fit yet smaller bedrooms (although there may be no space left for other large pieces of furniture). But Queens make a big difference when it comes to a good night’s sleep. They are perfect for a single sleeper who likes to change positions during sleep or who tosses a lot; a couple will feel amazing on such a bed and if you host a pair of travelers who are not a couple they will easily split the mattress and enjoy its luxurious comfort. The same goes for a family with a small child.

I would also like to emphasize a few more advantages of the Queen mattresses: you’ll find them at any manufacturer or retailer (since they are trendy), which gives you the liberty to search for the best prices and materials. Plus, the modern products have various high-tech features embedded in them; you can buy them online, and they usually get delivered in a box, at your door, with no extra charges.

Therefore, my pick would always be a Queen mattress for my guests. But whatever the choice, make sure you invest in high-quality products: you don’t want to change the beds every two years or sooner! Look for the ones that score very well in support and durability, according to professional reviews. It’s best to pick a firmness level to suit all types of sleepers (back, side and stomach). Also, I’d recommend mattresses with excellent motion isolation properties: thus, two people sharing the bed won’t be bothered by each other’s movements during sleep.

Always remember: a comfortable, good night’s sleep is vital for those excellent reviews!

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