It used to be that real estate agencies managed most vacation rentals, yet now the home sharing industry has taken off and mobile-friendly services like Airbnb and VRBO make becoming a Host accessible to anyone with email and a space to sleep. Millions of people worldwide are enjoying this version of the “peer to peer” “sharing economy” and Hosts, specifically are enjoying the added bonus of the extra income.

Nowadays, people travel for all sorts of occasions and want options other than hotels which can be sterile and sub-optimal for creating collaborative group experiences.

Take a short term rental home that allows 10 people to stay together, for example. Here friends and family can all gather together in one space to hang out, cook or bbq, play games, enjoy conversation, watch a movie, and just enjoy their time collaboratively and privately. In essence, I believe the popularity of these home sharing services reflect the growing desire in people to utilize technology to allow them to build more authentic connections. These services also intrinsically allow the traveler to become more intimately involved in the process of discovering the precise space within their budget that works for them. And conversly, for the host to design an experience that attracts the right guests to them. Home Sharing sends a message that everyone can win with their couture taste an we no longer have to be forced to choose the homogenized economy anymore.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that Hosts are offering their one-of-a-kind, unique, private home options in amazing places that would otherwise be off limits for most of us? For example, some are poised in the middle of the Hollywood hills, at an Irish castle, an entire island, a glamorous RV, a boat, even a lighthouse or tree house. Now do I have your attention?

As a real estate broker, I also see the potential for Home Sharing Short Term Rentals to protect a Home owner’s vacant listing. Vacant listings, left unchecked, overlooked or unattended can be huge liabilities. The option and liberty to offer short term rentals for some home owners who are faced with the challenge of selling one home and buying another could mean the difference between premature foreclosure and excessive debt. Short term rentals can allow a seller to keep their home on the market and cover most, if not all, of the mortgage.  

My mission is to dispel the myth and fears around short term rentals, and to educate people, Realtors, HOA’s, and municipalities, on what Home Sharing could really mean for society if we open to love not fear.Home Sharing doesn’t represent crazy parties, noise and greed. Instead, to me its about creating more authentic relationships, in our neighborhoods, in our homes and with our local ordinances and associations.



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