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Hey guys, this is Rachel Prince. I run a successful property management company for short term rentals in Indianapolis. I get your calls all day long that ask me to manage your rental. The demand is high right now! I'm getting multiple calls daily. People are asking for my help and want ME to manage their BNB home.


You may not be able to afford hiring an Airbnb property manager and you certainly can't afford to loose over a QUARTER of your profits!! Lastly you can't afford to lower your rates in order to keep a high occupancy!

Since Indianapolis is one of the most popular cities for Airbnb, it means:

o more hosts have done more upgrades to make their units irresistible

o you'll need better decor and more amenities

o you'll need the right formula to get the ROI your hoping for

What does this mean for you?

The good news is it doesn’t mean that you’re too late to the game and it means that you need to take the BNB BULL BY THE HORNS!

Talk about 2020 vision! I'm opening up my first ever BUYBNB BOOTCAMP to unleash all my bnb secrets so you can feel confident about launching, running and automating YOUR OWN BNB...from anywhere in the world! AND even scale to multiple BNB units...

This workshop is great for anyone who:

o has a full-time job or part time job

o owns property or wants to invest

o is retiring soon

o is looking for creative real estate investing ideas

o is looking to convert a rental property

o is having a hard time selling a flip

o Is interested in generating 2 to 4 times the return as a regular rental

Jump into my accelerated BUYBNB BOOT CAMP to learn my formula -spelled out- so that you can it take away, and start right away, on making your asset profitable!!!



Get Tickets to the Los Angeles Automation Bootcamp