Learn how to go from Investor to Rentalpreneur!

Many Investors I work with want to see the same thing: HIGH YIELDS! Short-term rentals have the highest returns and cap rates I have ever seen! When I sit down with an investor we go over the numbers. An investor can bring me any property and we will run the numbers with my proprietary proforma to find out what the cap rate will be. We are seeing on average over 11-15% cap rates and up to 30%+!!! This is an incredible ROI! Below are some basic items that I review with investors in my private coaching and Rentalpreneur Academy:

  • Automating the Process (security, check-in, customer service management, cleanings)
  • Preparing and analyzing your proforma to see your returns
  • Converting a room or home(s) into a to short-term rental ready properties
  • Creating a clear strategy for your home and future properties
  • Designing your property(s) for short-term renting (furniture and decorations that sell to guests)
  • Converting, rehabing and renovating (durable, cost effective, efficient fixtures and building materials)
  • Setting up a listing(s), room(s), home(s) (marketing, branding, photos)
  • Preparing for your first guests (what to do, what to say)

Learn more: Rentalpreneur Academy

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