How to WOW your Airbnb guests in every room: Tips and Tricks on how to go above and beyond.

Hospitality enthusiast Darrel Bowman and I, your Airbnb Entrepreneur host, Rachel Prince, take you through each room and show you how to guarantee Airbnb guest satisfaction. We have put together some fun ways to provide a memorable experience for your guests – IN EVERY ROOM!

We’ll start with the most important, which is of course the
Bedroom. This is where your guest spends the night, where they want to feel comfortable after a long day. We agree that it’s better to invest at the top in some good quality pillows and extra blankets that may be a little more expensive. They will stay cozy and last longer, and over time will end up paying for themselves through positive feedback and guests returning. We also suggest leaving a lamp on so that the room is softly lit up and looks inviting as they walk in, along with a bottle or two of water next to a card that lets them know they are complementary to the house. As a bonus you might even leave a little candy or chocolate on the pillows!

Next you have the Bathroom. Another room where your guests will spend a lot of time. Buy some decorative trays–you can get great discounts on them at most stores—and then put toiletries on there while paying attention to their presentation. The details are in the way you place the shampoo, that little bottle of conditioner next to the body lotion and maybe even a bar of soap. And towels! Definitely put some work into the towel arrangements. Darrell likes to have two larger towels on the rack with two more rolled up, along with four hand towels for washcloths. Always have at least four in the bathroom. Don’t think we forgot about the TP! We suggest providing extra toilet paper. A good number would be four rolls of toilet paper near the toilet, preferably in a basket. We’ll then have one roll out, the top layer folded into a little triangle up on top so that it looks like a fresh roll of toilet paper waiting for them when they walk in. An extra decorative and useful touch would be to have a couple little jars that’ll hold a few q tips and makeup pads. You’ll especially want those because otherwise the guest might use a washcloth to remove their makeup!

Moving on to the
Kitchen. So in the kitchen Darrell likes to put a bottle of red wine with some nice, stemmed plastic wine glasses. He includes a wine opener and it’s next to a little three by five laminated card that reads “compliments”. This is the perfect place to have a small card or laminated square of paper with a picture of your city, as well as a list of some local websites to find fun things to do. It is also good to add in the Wi-Fi, its password, and maybe a little paragraph on the neighborhood that they’re in. These little details just really stand out and add value to their stay.  We suggest having a house manual that spells out all the rules of the house and provides your contact information. And lastly, turn the light on above the stove. Trust us, that small bit of light will help the room feel homey and relaxing!

Let’s get into
the Living Room. There’s not too much you can do in here besides making it as comfortable as possible, but we do suggest a couple of small things.  Have the blinds open because you want them to be walking into a bright and airy place! I’m sure you’ll have some sort of lamp near the couch, so leave that on at a low setting. We also think it’s incredibly helpful to have laminated instructions on how to use the remotes!

Last, but definitely not least we have the
Entryway. Also not a huge area in terms of work needed, but it IS vital. Darrel finds that it’s a great area to have a decorative cork board or chalkboard if you have especially neat handwriting. Print out and laminate departure instructions, where to dispose of soiled linens, gentle reminders to lock the doors before leaving. You can make it fun and include a map highlighting the route to some downtown bars and even a famed pizza joint for that late night craving!

We hope you find these tips helpful, and that you are able to utilize them to either jumpstart your business or take an existing one to another level! Check out the recorded podcast for even more ways to maximize your properties, the best way to save money on shipping items for the home, and to hear a little more about Darrell Bowman and his journey to success! PODCAST PAGE

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