vacation rental automated

The automation of vacation rental properties... still being viewed by many homeowners and renters as a luxury. But automation is fast turning into a norm. In case you are an owner of a vacation rental property or a property manager and you wish to maintain your own competitive edge in the industry, smart home
automation is a must for your business. As a vacation rental owner, you will find it improving the security and safety of your properties, maintaining the longevity of your own HVAC systems, saving energy bills and improving the efficiency of your property management tasks AND SECURING YOUR HOME. Discover our top benefits for vacation rental automation.


Ring security cameras, Smart Locks with Z wave technology as seen with Schlage door locks, smart homes with alarm systems that sound at a press of an app button as seen with Vivent Security systems, noise meters like Noiseaware that can report noise levels, and Ecobee thermostats that also read room occupancy,  combined with the capability to manage remotely on an app is hands down THE BEST way to keep your bnb home SAFE.

Giving keys to the guests is simply not a good idea where it can be avoided. Instead with smart technology you are being pro-active and essentially removing such dangers such as guests making key copies and those getting into the wrong hands. Not only would this put your BNB at risk but risks the safety and privacy of future guests staying too.

Though automated systems and wifi can fail and a battery change may be needed from time to time its better than the alternative.  Addiontally, lock boxes can freeze in incliment weather and replacement key costs can add up. Trust us, we have experienced the pains of lockboxes that freeze and guests that are locked out when key copies suddenly won't work on the door! Oh and shout out to Vivent! We really loved our Vivent Security Alarm when we were able to break up a last minute party by sounding the alarm!! GENIUS!!

We primise, automating when you can, where you can, will be your saving grace.


Smart HVAC Systems that can be programmed intelligently and remotely can keep your cooling and heating systems protected, and save you a lot in terms of energy expenses. They also report data from local area to see if your home has any spikes. The strain of leaving AC or heat on high when the home is vacant for short or long durations can put your system and your wallet under strain. It can lead to wastage of energy and also cause damage to it. You could lose more money on energy or even repair expenses. With smart HVAC systems, you can manage them remotely and set them on eco settings to reduce expenses and energy. You can also be informed when filters or other components have to be changed and the system can be shut down automatically when windows or doors are
open for more than a few minutes.


With smart property automation, you can ensure that guests can have a much more fluid time when coming in and out of a property and staying in it which leads to a better overall experience, and which translates into better reviews for your BNB. Whether it comes
to automatic AC shutoff, keyless entry, automatic adjustment of lights and
indoor temperature or more, automated systems can create an luxury feel and ease with which many guests have come to expect.