Learn how to go from Homeowner to Rentalpreneur!
Many Homeowners I work with are familiar with Airbnb and have already or are getting ready to take the plunge and list a room or entire home on Airbnb. Some are even under contract and only weeks away from being able to get listed and launched!  I love working with these folks because most already have an entrepreneurial spirit in them. The transition over to Rentalpreneur for a homeowner can be quite fun once we get you fully into the mindset of a rental entrepreneur. Below are some basic items that I help homeowners with in my Rentalpreneur Academy:

Quickly build a retirement fund from your Airbnb Income
Converting a room or home(s) into a to short-term rental ready properties
Creating a clear strategy for your home and future properties
Designing your home(s) for short-term renting (furniture and decorations that sell to guests)
Converting, rehabbing and renovating (durable, cost effective, efficient fixtures and building materials)
Setting up a listing(s), room(s), home(s) (marketing, branding, photos)
Preparing and analyzing your stats
Preparing for your first guests (what to do, what to say)
Automating the Process

Learn more: Rentalpreneur Academy

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