Learn how to go from Landlord to Rentalpreneur!

Learn how to go from Landlord to Rentalpreneur! Many Landlords who manage their own properties already have a plethora of skills in the rental entrepreneur arena. In fact, I love working with these folks because the transition over to Rentalpreneur is actually quite seamless once we get y'all up to speed and break some of the old habits that you may have adopted. Below¬†are some basic items that I help Landlords with. In Rentalpreneur Academy I teach Landlords how to: Learn how to build a retirement plan off¬†Airbnb income Convert from long-term to short-term rental properties Create a clear strategy for your properties Design your rental homes for short-term renting (furniture and decorations that sell to guests) Convert, Rehab or Renovate (Durable, cost effective, efficient fixtures and building materials) Set…
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