airbnb course


The animated online Short-Term Rental Real Estate course to help you:

1. PURCHASE: Identify, Purchase, Launch an Airbnb property

2. ARBITRAGE:  Identify a sublet to lease and manage

3. SCALE: Give you the foundation to your own Property Management Business and how to help your clients and identify the best properties to manage.

A $2500 Private Coaching Value

On Sale for $89. Regularly $399.

ONLY $89

Watch the animated online course or listen while driving.  


Hosts, Investors and Newbies

4 Modules divided into bite size content:

Mindset Tactics
Deal Analyzing
Loan Prep
Tax Strategies
Investment Strategies
Solo 401ks & Life Insurance
Automation Tools
House Management
Streamlining & Scaling
Property Management


Questions Answered in the Course:

» How quickly cash will start coming in

» How to source / prospect my next Airbnb investment

» How to set-up a co-hosting or hosting business

» How to get reporting details and ROI on an Airbnb property

» What makes an ideal Airbnb investment deal

» How much it cost to set-up on Airbnb, stage and furnish

» How to optimize an Airbnb listing, nights, pricing and bookings

» How to automate an Airbnb

» How much time will it take to set-up

» How to improve Hospitality & Customer Service

» How to improve an Airbnb listing & SEO Ranking

» What happens when there's a problem

» How to automate and streamline

» How to hire a house manager and work with a lease rider

» How to find out if Airbnb is legal in your area where you want to buy

» How someone else manage your Property

» Tax best practices for Airbnb

» How to limit liability

» The best place to set-up an LLC

and much, much more!


ONLY $89 (Reg. $399)



I think that your four step protocol is a great system for helping keep your emotions as a host in check when a guest has a complaint. Handling the situation professionally and not losing your cool is customer service 101. Sometimes its hard not to take it personally. Its important to try not to! BEN OLSON



I already have an airbnb in Barcelona and this not only helped me with the apartment I own but to get ideas for the next investment!! However i will sometimes access to listen again to some issues which where really important for me.