Airbnb the Clear Choice for Relocating to Indianapolis (or anywhere)

By Rachel Prince and Lexa Foy

What do you do when your home sold within a week of being listed and you’re relocating to a new city? Or what about when your new position is hundreds of miles away and starts next week? These scenarios often lead people into making hasty decisions that leave them unsettled and unhappy.

So what’s the solution?

Temporary housing options can be hard to find, especially when moving with children. Hotels tend to be pricier per night with no negotiable rates and comes with the hassle of eating out daily. Extended stay hotels could be a potential option if you are able to accommodate with the hustle and bustle of the traffic throughout the halls, limited kitchen space and a 400sq ft room.. and not to mention no laundry facility!

Short-term rentals appear to be the clear choice.

With over 34,000 cities around the globe, Airbnb is a front-runner in short-term stays. Many Airbnb private rooms and homes can be rented for affordable prices at extended periods of time and additionally provide you with a unique stay designed to your specific accommodation needs (no stairs, parking, yard, close to downtown area, etc).

With access to fully furnished homes, full kitchens (including dishware), on-site laundry, with detergent, multiple private bedrooms with bedding and towels, and extended stay rates, Airbnb has allowed an ease with relocating.

I recently had a close friend to move Indianapolis from a small New York studio. She was able to stay in four different Airbnb’s around the city to get a feel for which neighborhoods and areas fit her best, considering she knew nothing about the city. Staying in a residential area helped her get a more realistic sense of what it would be like to live in the community, and it helped connect with locals in a way that probably wouldn’t have been possible if she’d opted for a hotel or extended stay. It’s almost as if you are sampling. What better way to move to a new state than getting feel for the neighborhoods, different style homes and a taste of new interior design.

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