Airbnb Real Estate Investing – Top Places to buy short-term rentals:

Are you considering making investments in Airbnb real estate properties? The game of real-estate investments have changed in the recent times by short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb. Since 2008, when Airbnb was founded, it has enjoyed major growth and has attracted guests and hosts from the world over. These days, an increasing number of property investors based in the housing market in the U.S are making investments in short-term rental properties and making money from the same. Here are some top things that Airbnb investors have to know about.

Big Cities are booked the most

Hotspots across the globe are big tourist destinations. Thus, they have the topmost rankings on the most-booked Airbnb property list. Major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York are not any stranger to Airbnb. Vacation rental properties in Orlando and Miami have also witnessed some of the best ROI in the U.S. When you list your own short-term vacation rental property on Airbnb in such cities, you can be assured of a high occupancy rate for your Airbnb property and make a high rental income. However, before the purchase of an investment property in any of these cities, you have to remember the regulations and laws about short term rentals in consideration. A few of these are stricter when compared to the others.

Smaller vacation spots are becoming popular

Although major cities are topping the lists for the ones that are booked the most, smaller cities are also fast becoming popular. As per reports about Airbnb trends, cities in the mid-western part of the US are witnessing some of the most robust growth in the country. For instance, there has been a 254% rise in Airbnb bookings in Columbus, Ohio and 256% in Indianapolis. The growth has primarily been driven by developing districts in downtown that buzz with local arts, nightlife and restaurants.  Another interesting trend in Airbnb real estate is the rise in popularity of the small towns which offer the chance to stay near major national parks.

Unconventional accommodations are popular among renters

Other than the regular rooms and apartments for rent, there has been a robust demand over the last year for homes that are non-traditional. Studies have revealed that US travelers from the millennial generation are making reservations of more alternative accommodation options. Booking for nature lodges, yurts and RVs for Airbnb has grown by 700%, 155% and 133% respectively this year. 

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