Airbnb Consulting: Top 8 Reasons to Hire a Professional
I put together some tips to help you understand the top reasons for why you would even want to consider hiring an Airbnb. consultant, such as myself.  Like any endeavor worth-while you may come across those challenges that will take you some time to figure out or that you will wish you could circumvent altogether.

While there are no short cuts to true mastery, the reality is, that you don’t need to be a master right away to become profitable or efficient short term renting your room or home on Airbnb.

I’ve looked online at the overwhelming amounts of information out there and realize you can spend endless amounts of time researching how to best launch, manage and maximize your Airbnb listing AND since time is money this means that you, like many others will be starting from scratch. That brings me to why people hire coaches and consultants. Not only is it important for you to feel confident about your Airbnb consultant’s skills, it’s important for you to understand what you have to gain by hiring a professional and what you have to LOSE by not hiring one. Ok are you ready?  Let’s review my TOP 8 Most important reasons for hiring an Airbnb consultant:

  1. EXPEDITE: To provide a “short-cut” to know-how, knowledge and information that may not exist in the mind of the host. To jump the learning curve.
    2.     INTENTION AND CLARITY: To help the client gain clarity & create a vision and goals
    3.     NEW PERSPECTIVE: To bring in an experienced “outsiders” evaluation and point of view
    4.     INTRODUCE: To co-facilitate, teach or introduce new ideas, procedures and solutions with client.
    5.     PROBLEM SOLVE: To provide proven solutions to specific challenges and situations
    6.    VALIDATE: To validate ideas that have already been implemented by host. To create & analyze, diagnose or constructively critque
    7.     IMPLEMENT: To create and determine best practices for implementing methodologies and systems (to enhance efficiency, profitability, organization, etc.)
    8.     ACCESS: To provide access to new technologies, systems, strategies, networks or communities

1.The first one is EXPEDITE.

As a new host, you are going to come across some challenges that will take you some time to figure out. So, an Airbnb consultant can point out your strengths and weakness so you know where to spend time focusing. With a proven strategy that works, you will learn more easily and be able to jump the learning curve.

  1. The second one is INTENTION & CLARITY

I think that any great consultant worth hiring will help the client get a clear mission and goals off the bat. This way there is a means to an end. Then a strategy can be designed to chart you to this destination. There are many coaches who leave this vital step out, but I feel it’s something that is important and so I offer this for all my clients.

New hosts sometimes just jump into Airbnb thinking it’s such a great idea without understanding what they are getting into and then wonder why they become frustrated, disappointed or lose money later. With a clear intention and the clarity to know what you are creating, you can better plan ahead what type of guests you want to attract, how many bookings you will need to be profitable, what expenses you may incur and more…

  1. The third reason is to GAIN A NEW PERSPECTIVE

Hiring an Airbnb expert, is a way to bring in an experienced outsider’s evaluation and their point of view. Often, we get stuck in our own perspective and we don’t have perspective of what we’ve created. So, it’s always good to have an outside reflection every so often to connect in with what we’re doing.

  1. The next one is INTRODUCE:

A great Airbnb consultant is going to be able to co-facilitate with you AND they’re also going to be your greatest teacher and introduce new ideas, procedures and solutions to you that you may have otherwise considered because they are staying up with the latest trends and can relay the most important bits to you. Look, I’m involved in this world 24/7. It’s become my daily life and my full-time job.  I’m always collaborating and masterminding with industry experts and researching the latest developments within the industry. You could say, I have my finger on the pulse to develop my own understanding as well as to be the best asset to my clients.

  1. The next one is PROBLEM SOLVING

As coaches, we are here to provide proven solutions to specific challenges and situations. If you’re getting a consultant who hasn’t been a host or hasn’t been managing properties, then maybe reconsider. Also, Statistic and analytics will only get you so far, trust me, every neighborhood and household has different quirks, needs and requirements that a computer can not recognize or anticipate. So, getting a consultant whose main source of data is what you SHOULD be earning based on numbers in a database is only a small portion of how Airbnb and the overall system works.

I’ve personally hosted over three hundred guests and I know that through this process I have learned many of the ins and outs which help me better assist my clients.  I’ve also managed a variety of client’s home’s ranging from smaller condos with one or two bedrooms, all the way up to up to five bedroom homes that can accommodate up to ten people. I’ve helped people hire caretakers, find legal counsel, handle perm notices, cleaners and even how to Airbnb their homes while listed for sale on the market.  The needs change drastically from city to city and case to case. Depending on the type of situation you may come across, isn’t it nice to know that you have a consultant who either has the direct experience to help you or the savviness to find the right person who does?!

  1. The next one is VALIDATE

I feel as Airbnb consultants we’re here to validate your ideas that have already been implemented. We can constructively diagnose your current systems, and give you ideas, solutions or feedback to improve upon them. Ultimately, we’re here to create, analyze diagnose and constructively critique WITH YOU for your listing to help you figure out how you’re going to be the most successful and profitable

  1. the next one is IMPLEMENT

It’s one thing for a consultant to be able to confirm what you know is not working on your listing, it’s another thing to co-create Ideas and solutions to some of your problems and then give you cohesive strategies or input as to how to implement them. Your hosting issues can be unique to your listing, so even though there’s a standard set of practices to fix basic problems, your coach should be able to adjust the solution and implement them per your needs, such as to increase your efficiency and profitability or whatever those may be…

8.The next one is Access:

Airbnb consultants should be able to provide you access to new technologies, new systems and strategies even networks or communities. For example, I have a private Facebook group so when you work with me you get access to this private Facebook group. There’s a lot of hosts on there with a lot of experience sharing ideas, strategies and sometimes some great stories from the Airbnb. guests.


All right… well that’s my take on the top reasons to hire an Airbnb professional

consultant. Be sure to check out the client testimonials. If you still want more information you can check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel where I release weekly reviews to help hosts and travelers make the best of Airbnb.  I’m sharing my expertise with you in as many ways as I know how. You can find the links down below to my other offerings. Ok, well that’s all for today! I’ll see you on the flip side.


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