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Become an Airbnb Rental Entrepreneur

  • Get "unstuck" on next steps
  • Jump-start your Co-hosting business using Airbnb
  • Become a "Rental Entrepreneur" quickly

Jump-start your Airbnb Real Estate Biz

  • Convert & Cashflow empty rooms, homes, rentals
  • Save your current home or investment or buy another one using Airbnb
  • No more being a landlord and watching your rentals get trashed

Financial Freedom

  • Learn how to create wealth and financial freedom
  • Add to or create a retirement plan with Airbnb income
  • Learn how to tax defer Airbnb dollars

1.Over 30 Videos to watch from (14 hours of content). Divided into 6 easy-to-watch modules.

Mindset Tactics
Deal Analyzing
Loan Prep
Tax Strategies
Investment Strategie
Solo 401ks & Life Insurance
Automation Tools
House Management
and more...

2. Rachel's Book: Airbnb Mentality

 3. Tax Guide ($100 value)

4. Listing Template

5. Property Attraction Worksheet

6. Sample Airbnb Lease & House Manager Rider

7. Property Checklist
Household Checklist
Cleaning Checklist

8. Airbnb Set-up Video Tutorial

9. Amazon Wish Shopping List

10. Marketing Strategy for your Airbnb listing

What Can You Expect Out My Signature Course?

Everyone is different but generally my clients say this:

You will be clear what your next steps are and have a system to follow each time!!

You will jump the Airbnb learning curve with a professional who has reached thousands of clients. Rachel has 20 years+ Marketing, Hospitality, Airbnb & Real Estate experience!


You will have the tools to increase your cash flow immediately!


You will have confidence to launch an Airbnb Property.


You will have the mindset tactics to crush your next listing with 5 Star Reviews and high occupancy!


1 Free 30 min. phone consultation

Free Consultations with Airbnb Financial Experts

Pro Forma Deal Analyzer Tool

Some Questions Being Answered in the Course:

» How quickly cash will start coming in

» How to source / prospect my next Airbnb investment

» How to set-up a co-hosting or hosting business

» How to get reporting details and ROI on an Airbnb property

» What makes an ideal Airbnb investment deal

» How much it cost to set-up on Airbnb, stage and furnish

» How to optimize an Airbnb listing, nights, pricing and bookings

» How to automate an Airbnb

» How much time will it take to set-up

» How to improve Hospitality & Customer Service

» How to improve an Airbnb listing & SEO Ranking

» What happens when there's a problem

» How to automate and streamline

» How to hire a house manager and work with a lease rider

» How to find out if Airbnb is legal in your area where you want to buy

» How someone else manage your Property

» Tax best practices for Airbnb

» How to limit liability

» The best place to set-up an LLC

and much much more!

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