5 Reasons Denver Short-Term Rental Homes Are In High Demand

The mile high city of Denver, Colorado has always been a popular location for full time residents. The crystal clear sky and stunning view of the Rocky Mountains has long attracted people to the healthy lifestyle of Denver. So it should be no surprise that the tourist market is thriving as well. Travelers have always come to Denver for relocation, business and pleasure. In recent years however, Colorado has seen a large boost in visitors who are using short term rental accommodations over hotels. Residents offering their home accommodations on short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO provide a unique experience for the tourist and an opportunity to live like a local and more;

1.    Weed

Colorado is a Cannabis State. Buying and possessing marijuana is legal for residents and visitors over the age of 21. Short term rentals are popular with visitors because hotels do not allow cannabis smoking in the rooms, but many hosts of short term rentals will allow guests to smoke inside or on the patio.

2.     Weather
Colorado weather is beautiful with 300 days of clear sunshine each year. Short-term rentals often offer an outdoor experience with BBQ grills, patios and yards to enjoy this outside paradise. Home-shares offer guests the opportunity to gather for an evening cookout or cozy fire in the cooler months.

3.     Work
Business-friendly Denver is attracting new and expanding companies and this brings with it new residents. These relocating employees are enjoying the home atmosphere of short-term rentals over stale hotel rooms.  

4.     We-ness
Short-term rentals foster a sense of “we-ness,” togetherness and relaxation for all to gather and enjoy time with one another on holiday without the added stress of planning times to convene or reconvene. In a home, guests get to enjoy a sense of ease and freedom to gather together late at night or early in the morning for coffee while still in their PJs.
5.     Welcoming
Many short-term rental hosts spend time and money presenting welcoming and well-cared for properties to their guests.  Because most platforms are review-based, host depend on the high ratings to keep bookings in demand. If a host wishes for high caliber guests, they keep a high caliber accommodations.
Denver, Colorado has always been a popular vacation destination. Short-term rentals have changed the way visitors view the lodging options. Condo rentals have long been popular in ski towns, and now the idea of a home experience has become more main stream and has expanded all over metro Denver. Airbnb in particular has changed the way people experience their vacations by providing unique, home-like lodgings. Welcome home!



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