Hosting on Airbnb: 5 Big Ways To Make More Money As An Airbnb Host [COVID TIMES]

Description: A list of tactics for Airbnb hosts to make more money through the online rental platform. Make More Money on Airbnb: 5 Major Ways Airbnb Hosts Can Boost Profits [COVID] It’s a tricky time to be an Airbnb host. The coronavirus pandemic has taken a serious bite out of most hosts’ profit margins. Here’s a bit of good news though: Domestic vacation rentals have seen an uptick. Another ray of sunshine through the clouds is that the online rental platform has beefed up its rules for cleaning. They know guests and hosts are concerned about public health (we’re still in a pandemic after all) and they’re taking action to prevent further infections. While bookings have flagged, lots of hosts are looking to recoup losses and find new ways to…
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