As my home rental business soared many of my friends became interested in this new way of earning income. People had heard about the “Airbnb phenomena” and wanted to learn more from me. I began consulting and sharing my success secrets as a Rentalpreneur. I went from struggling to pay my rent to coaching others on how to pay theirs!!!

Some of my clients were retired or had roommate issues, others had lost jobs or just wanted the extra income to pay off debt or save. It became clear to me that people desperately needed some better guidance systems, so I started writing down everything about the subject. After extracting my brain on to paper this book was born.

Now I get to share it entirely with you so you can create similar home rental business success! Every Homeowner NEEDS to read this book! It teaches you how to turn your home into a MONEY MACHINE. My name is Rachel Prince. I'm a full-time Rentalpreneur and real estate broker devoted to teaching people how to HAVE MORE FLEXIBILITY, CREATE FINANCIAL FREEDOM, a LEGACY, and even a solid RETIREMENT PLAN by learning my short-term renting strategy to wealth!

I will teach you how to turn any UNUSED ASSETS (rooms, homes, gardens, RV Spaces and Garages, barns) into money machines and the system to build a successful and profitable Airbnb real estate business with current and future real estate investments. Renters, home owners, landlords, investors and hosts can now join the short-term rental revolution and start earning active and passive income on their home rental business!

“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. -George Washington Carver

It just keeps getting better! I hope you enjoy the book and your journey to becoming a Rentalpreneur!!

In Appreciation, Rachel


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