About Rachel

Rachel Prince, Real Estate Broker and Rentalpreneur

Featured in INC. magazine for her savvy rental entrepreneurial vision, Rachel shares a passion for real estate and short-term renting, and even helped coin the term "high-yield real estate investing."
Rachel is the author of, 5 Star Mentality, an amazon book that reveals some of the deeper emotional intricacies that becoming a Rentalpreneur may incite, including her own challenges moving from a renter struggling to pay her rent with health issues to coaching people around the world how to pay theirs.
Rachel is also a blog writer and an M.C. of sorts, having interviewed for her podcast, hospitality expert and author, Joseph Micelli, and Forbes featured, self made millionaire, Chirag Kulkarni.
Rachel graduated from Bowdoin College (rated one of the #1 private liberal arts school in America), where she received a B.A. double major in International Relations and Spanish in 1997.  She was an associate broker & member of the Hills Team in Denver, Co with the Atlas Real Estate Brokerage firm where they did over 60 million in sales in 2016.
in 2017 Rachel expanded her business to the Indianapolis market where she got licensed as Realtor and launched Hosts of Indy an Airbnb property management company. She has done almost 2 million in sales.
Home buyers, sellers, investors and hosts from all over the world ask Rachel for her advice on how to best identify, convert and leverage high-yield real estate (short-term rentals).
Rachel has managed dozens of short-term rentals and helped her short-term rental clients generate over 6 figures from bookings on Airbnb & Homeaway. Her own short-term rental was ranked an 11th top listing in Denver, CO by AirDna last year.
Rachel is passionate about teaching her clients the Art of Home-sharing.  She grew up working in the hospitality, travel & event planning industry. She is also a documentary filmmaker featuring gold medal Olympic athletes and her yoga company was featured on the Today Show in 2008.
Her current coaching and program includes everything from:
-How to get into the host mindset & set goals
-How to convert properties from long-term to short-term rentals
-Prospecting & Sourcing short-term rentals
-How to renovate a short-term rental home and furnish it
-Income Investment Strategies
-Qualifying for Home Loans
and more



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