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One of the big mistakes that vacation rental managers and owners make is to stay in their own bubble. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to take much to stay informed. In fact, it just takes a few blog subscriptions. We’ve compiled the “Top 10 Vacation Rental Blogs ” for you.

1. Get Paid For Your Pad – Jasper Ribbers

Get Paid For Your Pad by Jasper Ribbers is one of the top vacation rental blogs where you can easily learn how to become an Airbnb Hosting Master in order to improve your guest experience and increase your income. All you have to do is to take the Airbnb listing test and discover the flaws in your listing. Looking for the best and reliable vacation blog? is highly recommended!

2. Optimize My Airbnb – Dаnnіеl Ruѕtеn

This blog is own by Danniel Rusten. He is an Airbnb Superhost (5% of all hosts). He has been a host since 2013 and completed 200+ reservations. His blog focus on getting your Airbnb listing to the top search. It’s called Airbnb SEO (Seach Engine Optimization). Depending on the package you purchase, he gives you Airbnb specific suggestions for your listing (Basic), creates a custom report based on your listing with specific suggestions (Advance), or reworks 100% of your listing and send you a custom report with additional info (Superhost). Additionally, you will find hosting tips in all the reports as this is a big factor in your search rank (i.e reviews).

3. Rentalpreneur – Rасhеl Prіnсе

This VR blog belongs to Rachel Prince. Rachel is a licensed real estate broker and graduated from the number 1 rated liberal arts school in America, Bowdoin College, where she received a B.A. double major in International Relations and Spanish. She currently works with interested home buyers, sellers and investors from all over the world on real estate transactions and high yield real estate consulting. This blog is the fastest way to see returns on your real estate, retire early, double your net worth and become CASH FLOW POSITIVE!!! Therefore, Rentalpreneur is highly recommended.

4. Vacation Rental Secrets – Antonio Bortolotti

The website by Antonio Bortollini has helped many turn their vacation rental property into a profitable business. Antonio is an excellent public speaker, trainer and event organizer. Besides the subject matter of vacation rentals that he masters extremely well, Antonio has a solid work ethic, and he gets things done quickly sticking to the deadlines formerly agreed. We do recommend Antoni’s work or products if you want to stand out from the crowd and you want to stretch your profits further.

5. Need More Rentals – Damian Sheridan by Damian Sheridan is a great resource for vacation rental owners looking for some professional insight. It provides first-hand stories from other owners in the business, DIY home improvements tips and talks about how to be a successful property manager. Have a question about renting your home? Feel free to contact Damian Sheridan and you will be glad you did.

6. Rental Tonic – Louise Brace

The is own by Louise Brace. The blog is a fast-paced, ever changing beast! The blog aim and objective is to keep you up to date with the latest tips, tricks, and marketing insights to help you fill that calendar in no time! Louise Brace is passionate about helping holiday home owners and managers to achieve full calendars & happy guest!

7. Laptop Landlord – Tуlеr Knudtson

The Laptoplandlord belongs to Tyler Knudtson. As one of the tip vacation rental blogs, Airbnb hosts do one thing better than their less-successful counterparts. But it’s much simpler than you might think.

Rather than try to figure out everything on their own through trial and (lots of) error, successful hosts find the best Airbnb tips for hosts and put them into practice themselves. They essentially cheat off of the notes of those already at the head of the class. This makes them the best among the rest.

8. Airbnb Secrets – Dany Papineau is own by Danny Papineau and is one of the most valuable Airbnb information websites on the entire Internet!

Dany Papineau shares a lot of Airbnb tips via his blog, and you can as well subscribe to his email list to receive free up-to-date information that will help you succeed as an Airbnb Host. We hope you find as much value in AirbnbSecrets as others have!

9. Rentalpreneurs – Thibault Masson

The is one of the best vacation rental blogs and it is own by Thibault Masson. He created in order for him to be able to keep track of the marketing research and experiments he was performing on his own vacation rental properties. The site was like his own private library of Airbnb tricks and other VR marketing tactics.

10. Learn Airbnb – Jim Breese and Symon He

Jim Breese and Symon He are the founders of They are certainly experts in the vacation rental space. The blog section for owners covers everything from pet-proofing your vacation rental to suing social media to drive website traffic.

Rachel’s Interview from Start-Up Property



A disruptive real estate investor creatively disrupting the AirBnb scene




 Rachel Prince is the Rentalpreneur, and she tells her story of how she went from bedridden and broke to cash-flowing with no rent using AirBnB.

This week on the blog we talk to Rachel Prince, a Real Estate broker and Rentalpreneur. Using the Air Bnb model, Rachel helps people solve their short-term rental problems. Let’s get to know her a bit more, shall we?First and Foremost, please introduce yourself:

Hi, my name is Rachel Prince, owner and creator of Rentalpreneur

When did you start investing in real estate?

October 2005

How big is your team? Or are you a one-man band?

1-girl show

What part of town do you invest in? 🌎

Indianapolis, IN

What’s your investment strategy?

Short-Term Rentals

So, Rachel, how did you get into real estate?

It started back in 2008. I sold my condo and made a $40,000 profit. I knew I had a good eye for properties, but at the time I squandered all the money on foolish things! Which I now regret.

What is your current investment strategy and what are you currently working on?
My niche is definitely short-term rentals. I help my clients identify and convert their properties into short-term rentals on platforms like Airbnb. I also help them find and invest in new properties. Right now, I’m working on two out of three conversions for a client in Durham, North Carolina.

I recently moved to Indianapolis, Indiana and bought a property which is cash flowing very well. I really want to develop this Indianapolis market. So, I’m still building connections. I’ve put together some deals here and I’m trying to find the right investors to partner with.

What made you gravitate towards the Airbnb model and short-term rental concept?
Shortly after I sold my condo, I moved to Arizona and spent a year at a meditation yoga retreat. In 2011, I began making a documentary film about professional athletes who had setbacks but wanted to get back into the game.

Ironically, I got sick with rheumatoid arthritis while I was making the documentary. I couldn’t work because I was completely immobilized. Things got so bad that I had to apply for food stamps. I started hosting guests through Airbnb in my spare bedroom to bring in some income. It was a really tough time but this Airbnb thing turned my life around. I was able to earn $26,000 my first year, which paid for my holistic health care and got me out of debt.

So, within 2 years I literally went from being bedridden and struggling to pay rent to a 100% complete recovery and a successful career. From that point on, I was hooked on Airbnb real estate investments.
That’s amazing! What motivated you the most during that time?
I think everyone has different levels of tenacity and perseverance in their lives. For me personally, what motivated me was that I didn’t want to be in pain. I thought, here I am with a setback trying to get back in the game, just like the athletes in my documentary.

How did you come up with the Rentalpreneur concept?

I needed a platform, so I chose Airbnb real estate investments as that platform. From there I developed online courses for real estate investors who were interested in long-term appreciation and short-term cash flow. In other words, the “rentalpreneur.”

I began teaching on property conversions using the Airbnb model. Rentalpreneur teaches investors how to cash flow as opposed to here’s what you don’t have and here’s what you need.

Who fits into this Rentalpreneur investor category? And what do you look for in a potential Airbnb property?

The people that I work with are real estate investors trying to make their way in the world with maybe less than a dozen properties to start with. I like to work with people who are involved in the day to day process of owning an Airbnb property.

I have a system in my brain of what I look for in potential properties and I also teach that in my online course. However, when it comes down to it, I’m naturally just a really good shopper! I know what I like and I know what’s good. So, I’m able to find good deals, just like I did back in 2005 when I sold my condo. I’m able to score some prospects based only on a gut feeling, and then plug in the numbers to show my investors.
What was the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?
My health issues have been the biggest obstacles I have faced because when I didn’t feel well I just wanted to give up life altogether. Fortunately, I am really persistent and never gave up on myself. I always have Faith and believe we are meant to have fun in this life. I feel like the fun is just beginning!!

Goals & Advice

What has been your accomplishments since starting Rentalpreneur?

I love teaching and coaching investors about converting properties into the Airbnb model through my online course. There is some hand holding, but mostly coaching, mentoring and guidance. The investors who take the course find clarity on how they want to invest. I teach that you can have it all and you can also invest in Airbnb properties.

What are your future goals for Rentalpreneur?

I think the Airbnb concept extends well beyond short-term rentals. There is a wandering, “let’s have fun” culture or lifestyle attached to it. I want to continue to develop and personalize my coaching programs that keep up with the Airbnb evolution.

Has anything been particularly helpful or advantageous in your investing experience?
It has been extremely helpful continuing to learn from other experts and be around like-minded investors. This has been critical for my continued growth and that of my clients. I have found I do not need to know everything about investing yet, but when I take the time to learn a specific subject well, I can readily solve core problems for my clients while also having the resources to refer out. Plus I am super passionate about Airbnb real estate investing, so that helps.
What is your number ☝🏼 piece of advice you would give to a first-time real estate investor?
DO NOT SELL UNLESS YOU TOTALLY HAVE TO! Whatever you do, keep your property. Have someone manage it for you if you must, but let it cash flow for you. Keep the income coming in so that when you do retire, you know the property will continue to generate income and appreciate in value.

Where Can We Find You?

Rachel, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. Your testimony is exactly why we showcase these real estate investing stories! Where can we go to learn more about Rentalpreneur and your online courses?

My Pleasure!

You can find me on the web:


You can find me on Instagram

And you can find me on Facebook

That’s all for this week! Thanks so much to Rachel for telling us her story this week!

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