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Rachel coaches & interviews Airbnb hosts and investors to solve their rental asset obstacles.
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A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: As my home rental business soared many of my friends became interested in ...
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I've learned so much from Rachel's Course. It opened my eyes of how to optimize my current short term rental and the necessary steps to buying other properties to expand my business. I'm excited about the future; thanks so much Rachel for this course!

Bret – Mi Casa es Su Casa

I wanted to get set up on Airbnb and less than a week before leaving for a Yoga training in India. Rachel took the initiative and got me completely booked up, which paid for my entire trip and training.

Mitch – Galapago Roost

From real estate broker to Airbnb coach, Rachel reassured me the entire way and made it seamless. She also helped me put in a winning offer on my first home which she assured me had the perfect Airbnb layout. I could not be happier about how the experience went top to bottom. Anyone buying a home NE...

Kellianne – The Snuggery

After the new landlord raised my rent nearly double, I needed a fast solution. Rachel was invaluable to my success and being able to show me how Airbnb could keep me in my apartment. I definitely recommend her to all my friends.

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